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Our manufacturing process 30 yrs ago!

Our manufacturing process today!

We now offer a wide arrangement of products.

Our Story in Words....

Marsha’s Homemade Buckeyes is a family owned business that was established in 1984. Marsha Smith wanted to earn some money to help her family, but also wanted to stay at home and raise her 3 children. She always made candy buckeyes during the holidays, using a recipe that she obtained from her mother-in-law.

Everybody loved them so she decided to make some buckeyes and sell them at a garage sale. They sold really well and the rest is history. That was the start of Marsha’s Homemade Buckeyes.

Marsha’s first commercial account was the Kazmaier’s Grocery Store in Perrysburg, OH. From there, she took her buckeyes to The Andersons General Store in Maumee, Ohio.

The Andersons only had one store, at the time, but they were a growing company. Every time they opened a new store, Marsha’s business also grew.

Marsha continued to operate her business out of her home for the first 14 years. In 1999, she received a letter from the home office for Cracker Barrel Stores in Lebanan, Tennessee. They advised her that the local Cracker Barrel Store in Perrysburg had told them about her product and that they were interested in carrying her buckeyes in their Cracker Barrel Stores.

Since there was no way that she could supply all of the Cracker Barrel Stores at that time, Cracker Barrel agreed to start selling them in their Ohio stores only.

They would add additional stores as she was able to increase production until she would be able to supply all of their stores. Cracker Barrel currently has over 650 stores in the United States and all of them now carry Marsha’s Homemade Buckeyes.

Marsha’s Homemade Buckeyes is now in its 36th year of business. After 36 years, we have changed some of the methods used to make the candy buckeyes but the original homemade recipe and taste remains the same.

Marsha’s goal has always been to make a high quality homemade candy at an affordable price.  In addition to that goal, Marsha has always given God the glory for all that we have been blessed with for 36 years.  As she always says, “This is His business and we are just along for the ride!”

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