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"These things are absolutely delicious and addicting! I've never heard of them before, and my husband brought me a pack of them from Cracker Barrel as a birthday gift. It was meant to be a gag/joke because I love the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES and was born in Ohio (live in Florida now). Well, little did we know how delicious these would be! I will definitely be ordering more in the future!"

- Brittney Younger


"At my request, Marsha's shipped trays of buckeyes to New Orleans for our rehearsal dinner in honor of our son and now daughter-in-law Mike and Melissa. The buckeyes disappeared with lightening speed.. A true hit, for those who knew what there were and those who had never heard of them. Thanks Marsha's for getting the Buckeyes to Martin Wine Cellar in NOLA on time, safe and sound, and for helping me supply a bit more Ohio to my NOLA/Cajun/creole fare!"

- Suzanne Belot Norton



"Took these with us as gifts as we traveled through Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland. Hard to give them away, but we shared these goodies with our hosts. Hope they enjoyed them as much as we do!"

- Amy Schroeder


"I had never heard of these candies before but I saw something about them online and thought to myself, "My, that sounds really good!". I didn't know where to buy them and so I didn't know if or when that I would ever get to sample any. I live in Texas and haven't seen any around here before really. Tonight my father and I had dinner at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant and I happened to see some sitting with the other candies near the cash register and so I bought some to take home. These are really great and now I know just where to find them. I love peanut butter and these are really amazing. Great job!"

- Mike Law


"My husband bought me a package of Marsha's Buckeye's for Christmas and they were amazing! If I hadn't of known better I would have thought my grandma made them. Lol! Seriously these are delicious and have that wonderful homemade taste. We are huge fans of anything that combines sugar and peanut butter so these buckeyes are a bullseye for us. Thanks Marsha!"

- Korena Hayes


"Absolutely amazing my new favorite candy/ treat but I hate that I have no self control and can't stop eating them!!!"

- Mike Koch


“I have sampled your Buckeyes; they were delicious.” ” Can you tell me where to go to purchase Marsha’s Buckeyes?”

- Peggy Kimball, Enon, Ohio


” I appreciate your help in making my wedding wonderful. The Buckeyes were awesome & I got many compliments on them.”

- Amber


” I have had other brands of Buckeyes but usually the chocolate tastes waxy and the center doesn’t taste enough like peanut butter. These are perfect! I will make sure I remember your name so I can buy them again. I bought them at the Newtown Pike Cracker Barrel in Lexington, KY. Tell everyone on your Buckeye team Thank You and Great Job.

- Cheryl Wurtele, Lexington, Kentucky


” I Love your Buckeyes!!!” ” Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product which I purchased at GFS in Dublin, Ohio. The price was very reasonable and the taste is perfect!” ” Your Buckeyes are far better than Anthony Thomas or Harry London Candies!!” ” I have many friends who love Cracker Barrel and also shop at GFS. I will be telling them about Marsha’s Homemade Buckeyes, as they all would enjoy this candy too.”

- Kathryn O’Neil, Union County in Ohio


” I thought I’d drop a line on how much I love your product. I moved away from Ohio as a kid and the only way I could get Buckeyes was when my grandmother would make them and mail them to us. She hasn’t been able to do this in recent years, so seeing your Buckeyes at Cracker Barrel was pretty amazing to me. I loved them! Keep up the fantastic work:)”

- Dehlia


” They were fabulous! We opened them and one whole tray is gone between the employees, folks in the complex & customers. Thanks for a wonderful product!

- Sheryl


” My daughter walked in our home this morning after a 17 hour drive home from college for Christmas.” “When she walked in the front door, she handed me a small container and said, “here mom, I saved these three little eyeballs for you.”” ” When I finally took a closer look at the little see-through container, I realized that they were “Buckeyes” and not “eyeballs,” and I laughed to myself, took off the lid, and put one of your little masterpieces into my mouth. WOW! What an incredible surprise indeed. The most wonderful little chocolate-peanut-buttery things, your little “Buckeyes”.” ” Where in the world can we find more of these little wonders?” ” These little confections are truly delightful.”

- Toni Katsiotis, Burke, Virginia


” I’m originally from Ohio but moved to Florida 8 years ago.” ” While I was visiting family in Toledo over the weekend, I picked up a container of your buckeyes at Andersons. I loved them sooo much and they taste so fresh and homemade.” ” Thanks again, they were truly wonderful and addicting.”

- Shawna Wanemacher, Florida


” I just wanted to let you know that I have discovered the most delicious chocolate named Buckeyes which I purchased in a Cracker Barrel situated in Sturbridge, Massachusettes. I am a senior citizen age 86 and every time I bite into a Buckeye I tell myself I must let someone know (how) I feel about this delicious chocolate candy.” ” Thanks again for a special treat.”

- Blanche Berger, Spencer, Massachusettes


” I recently purchased an 8 oz. package of your homemade Buckeyes at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Loveland, Colorado. I shared the Buckeyes with my colleagues at work and they were very quickly enjoyed.” ” I and the staff at work appreciate the fact that you were able to provide us with another box of your delicious candy.”

- Jacqueline Adams and the staff of Greeley Gastroenterology, Greeley, Colorado


” Thank you so much for shipping buckeyes to me! They are delicious and were a big hit here in California.” ” I’m sure I’ll order them again!”

- Georgeann Lovett, LA California


” Thanx a million! I’m 70 & who cares how fat I get! At least I’ll die happy!”

- Mary Ingram

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